Write a C program to Add Two complex Numbers

Hey guys i am back with another tutorial of C programming. Here in this tutorial we would add two complex numbers.

BASICS:-  A Complex Number consists of 2 parts. the imaginary part and the real part.



So coming back to the code here it is :)

#include <stdio.h>
struct complex
   int real, img;
int main()
   struct complex a, b, c;
   printf("Enter a and b where a + ib is the first complex number.\n");
   printf("a = ");
   scanf("%d", &a.real);
   printf("b = ");
   scanf("%d", &a.img);
   printf("Enter c and d where c + id is the second complex number.\n");
   printf("c = ");
   scanf("%d", &b.real);
   printf("d = ");
   scanf("%d", &b.img);
   c.real = a.real + b.real;
   c.img = a.img + b.img;
   if ( c.img >= 0 )
      printf("Sum of two complex numbers = %d + %di\n",c.real,c.img);
      printf("Sum of two complex numbers = %d %di\n",c.real,c.img);
   return 0;


I hope this code works for you. And if this code doesn’t works just tell us in comments :)

C program to convert uppercase to lower case

Hey guys from now we would be giving C Programs tutorials also.we thought of expanding our topics so i thought why not expand it from the heart of computers that is C programming.

So here is the first code i would start with.. its actually easy. :)

Code to convert upper case to lower case is:-


int main(){

char str[20];

int i;

printf(“Enter any string->”);


printf(“The string is->%s”,str);





printf(“\nThe string in lower case is->%s”,str);

return 0;


Hope You find this useful :) If the code doesn’t work please let us know below in the comments :)

thanks for stopping by and keep coding.


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Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp ( Newbie’s Method)

WhatsApp Double Tick

Recently the most recent update in WhatsApp brings in an exceedingly Feature that permits a user who has sent a message to understand whether or not the person whom he sent the message has scan the message or not. Don’t mistake it with the Double-tick Feature that already existed in WhatsApp (to show that the message has been delivered).

WhatsApp Blue Tick Second

So with the recent update the WhatsApp permits the sender to understand that scan the message, image, audio, location sent on WhatsApp or not.

The new Blue Tick mark in WhatsApp has enabled user to understand that the message he/she has sent has scan by the receiver or not however at a similar time the Blue Tick within the WhatsApp is inflicting several misunderstanding between individuals, for AN instance, you scan the message and you were busy with thusme work so you weren’t ready to reply? The one that sent message to you’d want “Even once reading the message” that guy hasn’t replied. thus to avoid such misunderstandings, we have a tendency to ar here.

One technique is popping Off the info and Reading the WhatsApp Messages, that was antecedently employed by several Freaks to cover Last Seen on WhatsApp. however isn’t that tiresome? only for showing some those who you haven’t scan the message, you’ll got to disable the net each time you wanna open WhatsApp, thus I’m not gonna tell that technique any longer, however the tactic shared below would simply build disabling of Blue Tick simply on WhatsApp.

Follow the steps Listed Below to avoid Blue Tick in WhatsApp

If you’ve already put in the most recent WhatsApp update and seeing Blue tick marks then transfer the previous WhatsApp version once more, Don’t transfer the oldest WhatsApp version as a result of that won’t work on this time, however transfer the previous update of the WhatsApp and install it. Before putting in the previous WhatsApp version, simply delete everything from the WhatsApp Folder which might be found within the Internal Storage of the Phone (Don’t Delete the Folders), if you’d wish to have the chats then keep all the databases that were existing before you updated to the Blue Tick supporting WhatsApp version.

Now install the Previous version of WhatsApp, to transfer that either build a Google Search or get a APK Backup if a number of your Friends have it and once verification you won’t realize the Blue Tick functioning on WhatsApp in your Phone and would neither work on the one that sent a message to you too.

or You can try The Best Method (which suited me the Best)

Go to settings and Click on emerging Notifications
option and then
select the option Always
show pop element

The Settings
The Settings

I hope this article helped you and i hope you would share this piece of information with your friends :)

Root Xiaomi Mi 3 Within 10 Minutes Being a Noob

Hey hi guys i am back after months on my blog again and this time i am writing on latest mid range phone Xiaomi Mi 3. It has already created a havoc in geek world by the specs which is being provided in this rate.

The device has 5-inch display with full HD resolution screen!Its powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset,along with Adreno 330 GPU for better gaming performance.Did i forgot to mention that the phone comes up with 2 GB RAM !!

Mi3 Model
Mi3 Model

So now coming back to the method on rooting this phone… Well i had to first confirm it whether its working or not as i do not own this phone and so i borrowed it from my friend and here i am here with this walkthrough.

TIP:- Root Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus in simple Steps

Below are some warning statements that you must be knowing before preparing to Root or Install Custom Rom in your  Android Smartphone:

  • Rooting/Installing Custom ROM is not an authorized process hence you’ll be losing all your warranty benefits over your smartphone after Rooting/Installing it.

  • There are certain risks of damaging your Android Smartphone while Rooting/Installing Custom ROM in it. Hence, it is recommended that you proceed at your own risk and we are not to be held responsible even if your Smartphone gets damaged during or after completing the Rooting/Custom ROM installation process.

  • You might not receive any future official software or firmware updates after rooting and installing Custom ROM in your device .



  1. First of all Go here and download OD ROM.
  2. Once you download the Rom from above link you have to flash your Phone

Flashing full MIUI ROM pack on the phone

Download necessary files to prepare for flashing MIUI ROM

Note Flashing a newer version of MIUI ROM doesn’t need to wipe data, but flashing an older one does.

Download the latest MIUI ROM   Download Now

If you have downloaded the latest installation pack, there is no need to download it again.

Connect your phone to the computer, and put the ROM file to the folder downloaded_rom in the SD card. Open Updater on the launcher, press the Menu button – Select installation file. Choose the ROM pack you want to flash, and select Update now.
STEP 3 After updating is completed, select Reboot now to enter the new system.

3.When You have done flashing your device.Go to Security Center,on Desktop.

4.Click on Permissions icon.

5.Toggle Administrator rights by selecting ROOT and then enable administrator permissions.

6.Tada! Your Phone is rooted!


Are you facing any problem? just comment below and we would be at your service! :)

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How close are we to affordable 3D printers at home?

Since they first came to the public eye 3D printers have really caught people’s imagination.  The thought of being able to produce a 3D item instead of the usual 2D fare is intriguing.  And we are not as far away from being able to afford a 3D printer at home as you might think.

3D printer
3D printer

How the M3D Micro Printer is Kickstarting in 3D

One of the best examples of affordability in the area of 3D printing is this tiny but incredible piece of kit.  It burst onto the scene in May 2014 when it surpassed expectations by achieving Kickstarter funding of $3,401,361 against a target of $50,000.  The 11,855 backers will benefit from decreased purchase costs of $199 for early backers and $299 for other backers against the full purchase price of $349.

M3D are now taking advance order for the product on their website with an estimated delivery date of 2015.  

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A Great Thing in a Small Package

This device may be small but that does not make it any less dynamic; a cube shape, its sides are each only 7” in length.  It produces good quality 3D printing results via a very simple to use plug and play system.  One thing that it’s important to know is that it can only reproduce items up to 4.6”, so if you’re looking to print a playmate for your dog you are going to be out of luck.  The fact remains that it is an affordable way of experiencing the creative curiosity that is 3D printing.

Make what you want!
Make what you want!

Remember Kits are Just the Plastic Parts

You can buy 3D printer kits from suppliers such as Master Geeks; the RepRap Mini Kossell retails for approximately $69.95.  These kits only include the plastic pieces that you need to construct the printer itself, you still have to incur the cost of associated hardware and electronics.

The Best Affordable Current 3D Printing Devices on the Market

One of the best fully working 3D printers for affordability that is currently available is the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer which retails for approximately $530; this is just about an affordable option for home use.  The diminutive printer, it has 7.3” sides, can be used straight out of the box and is easy to use whether you have any experience printing in 3D or not.  Even people who are technologically challenged can just plug it in and produce some effective 3D models straight away.

3d Printer in action
3d Printer in action

So the answer as to how close we are to being able to afford to print in 3D at home is that we are already there to an extent.  The technology that once seemed the stuff of science fiction movies is at our finger tips.  It’s still not a particularly cheap way to spend your time; a few hundred dollars is affordable but perhaps not comfortably so for a lot of people.  As with any advances in technology, the more examples that come onto the market, the cheaper the products will become.  Look at how much a flat screen TV used to cost and then consider whether it may be worth waiting a while to invest in your first 3D printer.

Technology Innovation In Automotive

Since its invention centuries ago, the internal combustion engine has transformed the transportation of man and goods. The car has become not only a necessary part of life, but also a status symbol and show of wealth. Additionally the car has spawned a host of human pastimes and entertainment, the most famous of which is auto racing. Indeed, car racing has been the crucible in which most technological advancements in cars have been conceived.

The pace of technological leaps in the modern world increase exponentially each day and this is more so in the automobile industry. All these changes revolve around the following:

Passenger safety and comfort 

The car has been a leading cause of death and injury worldwide for a variety of reasons. Almost all jurisdictions now have strict technical requirements to improve passenger safety. This area has seen lot of advancement which include:

· Use of safety harnesses and inflatable airbags. These have evolved from simple belts to computer aided pre tension systems that lock the passenger into place just before a collision. Airbags lessen injuries to the driver’s body from car components during impact.

  • Collision and proximity warning systems: These use laser technology to judge distances and speed, warning the driver of an imminent collision. They also automatically start braking and prepare the passenger for a collision by adjusting the seat position.
  • Differential braking and wheel propulsion to maximize power to particular wheels in slippery conditions, increasing off-road utility of the vehicle.
  • Advanced braking systems such as ceramic brakes and anti-locking braking systems that prevent the wheels from locking and skidding. These also improve braking distances for safety.
  • Chassis crumple-up zones to reduce impact transfer to the cabin during collisions.
  • Driving aids such as satellite navigation, GPS and chassis cameras to aid parking etc.

Fuel economy and performance

The days of cheap fuel are gone and increasing concerns about pollution and global warming have necessitated the reduction of car emissions by various advancements. These include:

  • Electronic fuel injection which controls fuel flow into the engine, making combustion more efficient.
  • Advancements in engine respiration technology such as superchargers and turbo injection pumps. These increase power with less fuel consumption.
  • Improvements in aerodynamic design to reduce drag and make the car more fuel efficient.
  • Hybrid and electronically powered cars which use a charged battery alone or in concert with a combustion engine, increasing fuel economy.

Computer controlled car functionality 

The computer is taking over most functions in the car including fully driving the car in some models. These are similar to auto piloting systems in planes. Others include:

  • Cruise control
  • Auto dimming lights that switch on and off using light detection sensors.
  • Automatic wipers that sense rain.
  • Warning systems that detect a driver sleeping and vibrate the steering wheel, jarring the driver awake.
  • Auto turning headlights for better visibility around corners.

Driving today has become more fun and enjoyable, with better models that are more affordable coming to market. Public transportation need not be the only way to enjoy this amazing technology. Learn how to drive and book practical driving test to acquire your licence.

How To Root Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus? [EASY 6 Steps]

Hey Guys a few days ago i purchased this awesome phone as i was switching from windows phone (LUMIA 820). So in this tutorial I would be telling you on how to root your Karbonn Titanium S5 plus safely.

From this Guide you dont need a PC too to root your device!

Disclaimer:-We are not responsible if any loss incurred to you while you are rooting your titanium s5 plus.Do it on your own responsibility.

Root Karbonn Titanium s5 Plus
Root Karbonn Titanium s5 Plus


  1. Titanium s5 Plus
  2. Framaroot
  3. Enable Installation from unknown resources from the settings.



  1. Download Framaroot From Here [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
  2. You can download it in your pc or directly on your phone.
  3. Now go to file manager and go to location where you have saved Framaroot.
  4. Open that App and this screen would open
    framaroot main screen
    framaroot main screen


  5. Now you can see 3 options or 2 (according to the version you using) Tap on Boromir
  6. After few seconds a dialogue box of success would appear.
  7. Touch OK and Reboot your Phone.
  8. Now go To Apps Menu and check SuperSU App. Open it and update it if it says to do so.
  9. Congratulations you have rooted your Karbonn Titanium s5 Plus!


To check if you have rooted your phone Download this App [DOWNLOAD IT]

So now you have rooted your Karbonn Titanium s5 Plus! Have Fun!



Excellent Cricketing Apps For IOS Based Smart Phones

When it comes to downloading cricket apps on Android based phones there are plenty of options that are available but for IOS there were very less cricketing apps that were available. But now the trend has changed and there are many app developers who are developing cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. Here is the list of some excellent cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones.

Tip:- Top 5 Timepass Games for your iOS Device

Top Cricket Apps
Top Cricket Apps

Enjoy this cricket app called as Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket

• This is undoubtedly one of the favorite and highly downloaded cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. You can easily download this app from the IOS play store. It is completely free and allows you to watch your favorite cricket players playing their best shots in a very simple and smooth manner. All the icons are clearly defined and you can click on different icons so that you can watch your favorite cricket matches and tournaments.

Trick:- Free your iOS Apps from Viruses

IOS also offers Espn Cricinfo

cricininfo is also available with Android and now you can also download it thorough IOS platform. This app has got everything that you can expect from a excellent cricketing app. It has got live scores provision, commentary, scorecard, pictures, graphics, analysis and statistics. One of the best features of this app is called as lean back mode which allows the users to place the smart phone on the table and activate the score menu; you can enjoy your favorite cricket match while doing your work.

Cricket World Cup Fever the Deluxe version

• The best part about this app is that you can choose the tournament as well as power play mode. This app is considered as one of the best apps for live streaming purposes. This app is based on highly advanced software which allows you to see clear pictures of all the matches. Another best part about this highly advanced app is that you can also save the matches on your smart phones and watch them later when you have time. It means if you are busy with your office work or any other work and want to see your favorite cricket players playing then turn the recording mode on and watch them later when you get free.


• ICricket is another wonderful cricketing app available for IOS based users and it has got some amazing graphics and icons. You can easily tap on these icons to watch the live scores or your favorite tournaments. You can easily watch the live commentary as well as scores of the ongoing T20 world cup and the upcoming IPL 7. This is a free to download app and the download procedure is also very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step by step approach and enjoy your favorite cricket match.


Top Trick! : Make your Own Radio Station
All of the above mentioned apps are one of the best cricketing apps available for IOS users and Apple is also trying to include more such apps so that the cricket lovers can enjoy their favorite cricket match in a simple and easy manner.

[Tutorial] How To Get Xbox 360 LIVE Points Gift Card For Free

Hey guys! i am writing a new post after 6-7 months, first of all a very happy new year to all of my readers.So this is my first post of the year so i thought  to share how i get my free points for my Xbox 360 such that i get so many games for free! This method i have used for more then a year and its a fabulous method!

You might Also like to Read:- Top Tricks Of WhatsApp

Xbox Live gift Card
Xbox Live gift Card


What is Xbox Live Gift Card?

Its a kind of token or a code through which you can redeem free goodies over xbox live store!.

Why its helpful to me?

When you use a gift card you dont provide your credit card details.As most of the people are so concerned about their billing privacy so this method is opted.

Where To Redeem this card?

When you redeem an Xbox gift card, the denomination of the card goes directly into your Microsoft account as local currency. So, for example, if you have a $25 card, $25 will go in your Microsoft account when you redeem the card. To learn how to check your account balance, see Check your Microsoft account balance at the end of this article.


How to Get The Card (Some labour is needed though as you know No Pain No Gain!

  • Go here and create a free account on this link
  • Then Go To Account> Edit Demographics > Personal, and fill the form out to get additional 25 points.
  • If you are from US Complete THIS task to get 50 points(No survey, so RELAX)
  • If you are from UK Complete THIS task to get 50 points(No survey is there so RELAX!)
  • If you are from  any other counter Complete THIS task to get Points.
  • After you Get required points (ie 1000 points (minimum) ), Click on Spend Points in the menu and click on Gamer Cards  and from there choose the xbox live card you want and buy it for free.

CAUTION:There is a difference between Xbox live points card and  Gold membership card.


Experience three months of pure gold! Your Xbox Live® Gold membership lets you connect and play with friends around the world. In addition to Xbox Live features like available game add-ons, full Xbox 360® game downloads, Xbox Live Arcade games and unique fashions and props for your avatar, you’ll receive Gold-exclusive discounts like the Deal of the Week. Plus, with your Gold membership you get early access to some of the best new games and content.*

  • 3 Month Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Unlimited online multi-player gaming
  • Weekly Gold-exclusive discounts
  • Early access to content, including free game demos

So i hope you liked this method! from this method i have purchased 10 games which are Grand theft auto 5, Dead Space,The walking Dead,Metal Gear Solid Collection,Zoo Tycoon and many more.

Note:-These points are not meant for windows phone 8.

Thanks for reading this post,if you have any queries do post a comment below and i would be there to help you out for your xbox live card.

Till then keep reading!


Benefits of Managing Your Credit Card Online

Have you noticed how everything has quickly turned digital nowadays? The wealth of information we can get from the Internet is one prime proof of this. With just a few clicks or taps, you can get necessary knowledge about almost any topic under the sun. Actually, you can get so many hits with just a few simple keywords typed on a search engine page that it can be confusing to choose which page to check out.

Manage your American Express credit card online and experience the immense benefits it brings
Manage your American Express credit card online and experience the immense benefits it brings

But the Internet is not just useful for getting information – it is also useful for other, more important reasons. For instance, if you have an email account (and who in this day and age doesn’t?) you can easily get in touch with colleagues, family, and friends. Nowadays, you can even gain access to your bank account, and check pertinent info such as your account statement, send and receive money, and pay your bills with ease. There’s virtually nothing you can’t do online.

There’s also one use for the Internet that is gaining more popularity, especially with card holders on the go: managing your credit card online. When you manage your credit card online, there are plenty of benefits you can get. Let’s take a closer look at some of these.

Easy access anytime and anywhere

This is perhaps the biggest benefit that you can get when you manage your credit card online. You can check your account details, see your latest transactions, check out your credit card history, activate your card, and so much more, all within a few minutes, wherever you are. Gone are the days when you had to get in touch with a credit card representative if you had some simple questions about your card. This kind of access gives you more control over your card, and allows you to keep track of all your purchases and payments. As an added benefit, it gives you peace of mind.

Complete security

There’s no doubt that online processes and platforms nowadays have evolved tremendously from how they were a mere few years ago. Today, you can be assured that all your transactions and other processes are completely safe and secure, especially with highly-advanced online fraud protection and purchasing protection from reputable security systems. You don’t have to worry about any breaches on your confidential information, and you can shop, check your balance and credit, make payments, and do all sorts of transactions with ease.

Simple and easy to understand platforms

You don’t have to be a veritable tech guru to manage your credit card online. This is where advancements in technology have paved the way for millions of customers like you. Benefit from an interface that is simple, user-friendly, and easy to understand. If you would like to make some changes to your personal details such as your address and contact numbers, you can do so within minutes. You can even benefit from email alerts and reminders about your next payment and your balance, which again gives you complete control over your credit card spending and allotment.

Customers have been turning to online credit card management for their American Express credit card in India as it gives them ease of use, utmost security, and complete control over their card with hardly any effort.

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