Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 with English Subtitles

EPISODE NAME:“The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!”


About Episode:After Son Goku defeated the dangerous Majin Boo, peace has returned to Earth once again. Chi-Chi wants Goku to get a job, so Goku works as a radish farmer. Meanwhile,Son Goten along with his friend Trunks are looking for a present for Videl, soon to be his sister-in-law when his older brother, Son Gohan, gets engaged to her.

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Download Toukiden Kiwami [PC] Direct Link- BlackBox Repack

“Toukiden: Kiwami” is a hunting action game where players take on the role of a Slayer possessing unique abilities, and battle the Oni to save mankind from destruction.
To defeat these huge Oni, players band together to sever, pierce, and crush parts of the Oni using the Targeted Destruction System!

Toukiden Kiwami Toukiden Kiwami


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Awesome Reasons to go for a Tech-Free Vacation[Infographic]

Hey Hello guys! after one year gap i am posting another great Infographic.Its like we are daily busy with our day to day lives that we cant imagine our lives without technology..

If people go to vacation they are still busy in updating their Facebook or WhatsApp statuses. But what about a tech free vacation?

From the below infographic lets see some of the best reasons to have a tech free vacation



Hope you liked the infographic.

This infographic is not made by us .Its made from other bloggers from various sources.


Thanks for viewing the post.If you  have any views on this infographic just let us know below via comments :)

Download Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse DLC Resurrection F Update

And i am happy that i am writing this post to present my all readers the update file for your Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse Resurrection F Update which is rare to find .

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse Resurrection F update  ( Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse Resurrection F update

What Does this Pack includes?

GT Pack 1
GT Pack 2 (Mira and Towa)
Resurrection F Pack
Season Pass.

Save Game File Location If You Want To Backup:

CODEX Save location

3DM Save location
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Install Directory\3DMGAME\3DMGAME\Remote

This is not a standalone download or full game you need to download Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse Full Game before you caan play this DLC


Download Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse (PC) Compressed Free

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse


Now this is the best dragon Ball Z games you can get for your Pc or any console.It has 3d Characters,a cool story line and ofcourse its a 2 player + also online gameplay available.What’s more? You create your  own character,level up to learn new legendary attacks like Kaamehameha or Big Bang Attack

Becoming super saiyan become super saiyan whenever you want



The size of the Game is 9.5 GB and No Steam is required in order to play the game.The Game is tested on Windows XP,Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Developer Edition.

If you feel to ask any problem or having problem in installing  it Just drop us the comment below.

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Top 5 Dresses You Must Own This Summer

Summers are in and how! Temperatures are soaring daily and are showing absolutely no signs of stopping. Every season has its own fashion and summers brings with it cool, trendy dresses every girl must have in her wardrobe to totally own the summers.

Dresses are a great option for the summers as they are cool, smart and can bring a very sexy make over than an everyday t-shirt and jeans look which might be suffocating at times. This is why every girl must have these summer dresses this summer to set the temperatures higher than the sun itself:


The Bare Shoulder

This is a great option for this heat that adds just the right amount of oomph to this attire. With a great shoulder bearing dress, you can dare to bare without being too bold and the dress will definitely cut out a good figure from you. This dress gives a nice twist to the plain Jane boring look and you can team it up with a nice pair of wedges or pumps along with a nice long necklace to really set in your uber cool look!

You can even wear a bare shoulder tunic to really cut a smart and smouldering figure!



The Peplum

This is a great style that has been doing its fair share of rounds on the red carpets and famous celebrities have endorsed this look. A one piece peplum dress is sure to make your casual outings a lot more stylish and this dress can also be work for evening parties that will surely keep all the eyes set on you. It’s a perfect example of corporate meets casual as this dress has just the right amount of professional touch to an otherwise completely casual dress. Team it up with statement earrings, a trendy up-do and your favourite stilettoes and you’re ready to paint the town red!

The Peplum The Peplum

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Floral Dress

This too is a great option this summer as nothing declares summer than blossoming flowers. You have a great amount of options in the kind of floral dress you purchase. You can go for a long dress and team it with flip flogs and beady necklaces and bracelets with lose curls for the ultimate Boho chick look. If this is too casual and you demand something more stylish, you can go in for a shorter dress with a white base with colourful flowers teaming it up with pumps or heels in the hue of the flowers. This is great for an outing in the day as the white color will keep you feeling cool and comfortable. You can likewise go in for a darker base for the dress with florescent flowers for an evening look.

You can further accentuate the look by adding a bow belt or ribbon around your waist that will totally complete this amazing look.

Floral Dress Floral Dress


Two Tone Illusion Dress

If you’ve been dreading an upcoming event which you just cannot miss and have to attend at all costs, but have not been in the best of shape, this dress will come to your rescue. Its unique make creates an optical illusion of making it appear as if you have the perfect hour glass figure while it nicely covers up those side tyres you’ve been trying to hide. This dress is great for women with a more curvy body as it will fit well and create that perfect optical illusion keeping everyone mesmerised for sure! Team it up with classy pumps and a sexy hair do and you’re done!

Two -Tone Illusion dress Two -Tone Illusion dress

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The Tie- Up Dress

This too is a great option this summer as you can wear this dress in multiple ways. If you are looking for a day time outing with your bffs, go in for a printed or floral dress that gives it a nice, cool look. However if you’re looking to dazzle in the evening and be the show stopper, then go in for a monochromatic tie up dress that will not only accentuate your figure but also add oodles to your sexuality giving you the ultimate chic look. You can increase that tenfold with perfect pumps or peep toes and statement earrings. Avoid a necklace as you should do its neckline do the talking for you!

The Tie-up Dress The Tie-up Dress


Be sure to add each one of these to your summer wardrobe to get a look for every occasion be it casual, formal or semi-formal. Just let your inner fashionista take over and play around with these looks till you’re able to add your unique touch to it and make it your own in a totally enviable way!



Bobbi Brown is one of the best and well renowned artist in this world.Many of you still don’t know him and he is not a artist kind of a musician or painter instead he is one of the best make up artist the world has known.He has provided some of the best tips for you in order to stay prepared to take the face off this summer heat girls.Let us see what are those simple but effective tips for you – 


  • Let your makeup kit be ready and fit for you – The best thing about the makeup when it comes to summer is that most of you are less bound to rules when applying it. What i mean to say is that makeup in summers is less bound to rules and limitation of things you are gonna use instead it is applying for the best of your mood to look flawless, isn’t it.As we all know due to the SPF and harmful UV rays of the hot sun can make your skin tone more and more darker the more you spend time outside your comfort zone and whenever you are about to leave you must always remember in mind of keeping up your face products with you like the foundation cream,concealer and the powder to always make sure that they will help you in maintaining your skin tone and the shade required to let the darkness doesn’t come in the view of audience and if your choice is to stay inside or you are a sit back at home lover than give your skin a boost of bronzer which can be either in powered form or gel or cream base depending on you and your skin type.Applying it in the right proportion on your forehead, cheeks and nose will help them less likely to be strike-able to sun’s heat.Types-of-makeup-foundation
  • Prepare your face to be moisturized – The key to your fresh looking skin is yes off course the moisturizer you are going to apply madam.Why it is the best key, because it creates the perfect base required for your makeup.Moisturizers can be used depending upon the skin type like for normal skin it is good to use a light moisturizer which when applied provides a light weight coat on your face where as for dry skin one’s, you must use a moisturizing lotion that will provide you higher or at-least the desired rate of hydration to your skin in order to lock up the radiance of your skin.Try to look up for a moisturizing cream or lotion that contains more amount of hydrating agents.As far as goes for oily skin one’s, they should go for the lotions that will provide hydration but also helps in controlling the oil production so that the rate of oiliness,pollution and attraction and sticking of dirt can be reduced as far as possible and for longer hours of day.You must always start of with a light weight and light toned eye cream to make ensure the under eye concealers looks properly blended and smooth with your skin tone and does not show the mark of tiredness and stress all over your face that will gonna reduce it radiance to.


  • Modernized colors for this summer – As we all know this summer is the summer of bringing out your natural beauty and natural gorgeousness.It is better to attract some one from your original beauty instead of having a whole lot of makeup applied on your face in order to make you look good for some time but till the noon it will start getting of likeSummer-Makeup-Tips-For-Black-Women scrapping of old paints from old walls and will make you look ugly fugly. Make your this season as simple as easy as possible even of by the use whether from moisturizing balm to skin energizing foundation creams to a whole lot of color collection kept in your drawer. Applying a light, simple and soothing coat of makeup on your skin this summer that will help you in facing up the heat of this summer and will bring up and enhance up the beauty of your natural glow of your skin too and provide a subtle warming attracting shine too.
  • XoZjcTs
  •  Keep an eye on your wrong side – One of the biggest mistake by every women is using and applying the wrong shade of your foundation cream or gel depending on what are you using.Always keep in mind of using the right toned foundation that will blend in your skin and will help you achieve the proper mix of even toned finish.To get the right blend for your skin , apply different shades on your cheeks and blend them together using your fingers to your matched skin tone.The best thing that most of the women don’t do is testing up of foundation on hands instead of your face whenever moving in the market to buy one.Seriously , you are going to apply it on your face so test it on a portion of your face as well in order to have a better judgement on how’s it gonna look after applying on your face instead of on your hands.Always opt for darker shades that doesn’t goes up with your skin. 
  • Lickerish



Today is 7 April that is World Health Day, which is being celebrated basically for ensuring the food safety so that each and every individual will earn a healthy and hygienic living.So lets project some lights on the myths related to heath and facts related to them :-

Myth one –

Only Spinach can be used properly in order to complete the required rate of iron content in the body
Fact –


Nutritionist Aditya Agraawal from New Delhi says that there are two types of iron, first is him iron and the other is non-him iron.Him iron is present in animal products where as non-him iron is a present in plants and it’s non-him iron that takes time to get absorbed by the human body whereas him iron get absorbed very easily and fastly and for you to let your body absorb non-him iron easily it is required to you to intake some amount of lemon juice that is need of vitamin C. It is also important not to take tea or coffee while eating your food as the caffeine and nicotine does not let your body to absorb the iron content from the food.

Myth two –

Leafy vegetables are the best source for calcium for body
Fact –


Every green vegetable is good when it comes to iron,fiber,folate,vitamin C,antioxidants and riboflavin but when it comes to calcium these veggies aren’t able to provide that much quantity as they are said to have.Leafy vegetables do absorb some amount of minerals during there process of growth but minerals like calcium are present in less amount when it compared to dairy products.As as example lets us consider an amount of 100 grams of spinach and 100 grams of milk in comparison, then the calcium content in milk is 120 grams whereas in spinach it is around 73 grams.So it is good to consume milk and milk products.


Myth three –

All fried foods do contain huge amount of fat in them
Fact –


This myth is too wrong, fried foods can be eaten and can contain less amount of fat but is it necessary that you must know the right way of making fried food.Whenever a food is dipped inside the required amount of oil for frying then the moisture content in the food starts to comes out and oil is being absorbed during this process but if it is necessary to fry something in such a way so that its moisture content do not over go in the oil in much higher amount and therefore the amount of oil absorbing is reduced.Most of the foods are best when fried on 375 degree Fahrenheit and the amount of the oil is also absorbed at much lesser rate.I can advice you to fry anything on the specific temperature and amount as provided in the recipe.Food should not be fried on low flame and it is better to shallow fry instead of deep frying and remember to soak the excess oil after frying using tissues or paper towel and is better to bake instead of frying.

Myth four –

You must avoid dairy products usually in winters
Fact –


Generally it is advised not to drink milk when suffering from cold and cough but the milk doesn’t have anything related to causing of cold,cough and flu.Many people think that drinking milk causes the increased rate in production of cough and mucus but this is just a myth too.Generally due to its creamy texture it causes a sensation of having of cough because of the coating made of cream by drinking of milk in the mouth but it isn’t any kind of mucus, you are just thinking in a false manner.

Myth five –

Raw vegetables are much better than boiled one’s
Fact –

Veggie Corn Salad (12)1

This is not possible in most cases, every other vegetable has different amount of nutrient content in them and it doesn’t related on how much the nutrition content is being absorbed by your body whether it is boiled or not.Sometimes it is even better to boil the veggies because it can improve the nutrient contents in some of the veggies and hey it will be a plus point for you then buddy.The best example of this is boiling of tomatoes, which has the tendency to increase its antioxidant lycopin value after boiling, but over cooking may cause of reducing the nutrients from the veggies too so it is better to steam whenever you next time will boiling up those veggies.

Myth six –

Eating a good amount of carrot can improve your eye sight
Fact –

Fresh carrots

carrot contains beta-ceratin which gets converted into vitamin A by our body and it is vitamin A that helps in maintain eye sight,growth of bones and health of skin but the truth is that if you are eating carrots in a higher content then your skin tone might converted into orange color due to excess of beta-ceratin.It can helps in improving the night blindness property of your eyes that is reduces the chance of having it but is not possibly improves your eyesight but that doesn’t mean you will ignore the other nutritional facts related to it and will not eat it in the desired quantity.

Myth seven –

It is also said that brown sugar is better than white sugar
Fact –


The basic difference in both of the sugars is that, the brown sugar do contain some amount of good nutrients but that doesn’t mean eating it in a higher quantity does not cause any kind of false effect to.White sugar is refined so as to remove the good content from it.As compared to health content then i can say that both contain the health content in the same amount and will provide the same amount of energy to you body and will also provide the same rate of calorie content too.


fresh food VS packed food  VS  commercial2
One of the basic question that arises in everyone’s mind and that is whether fresh food is better or packed one.Many says that fresh is the best whereas many say both will have the same amount of healthy factors in it, doesn’t matter them to much.If we take consider of arriving of both type of food then we can say whether fresh or packed both do will face the rate of decrease in nutrient rate in them cause the packed food is being firstly carried to factories and then to the consumer whereas similarly fresh food to will come in your hands after some times and will also have a decreased rate in the content too.The benefit of fresh food is that, due to processing of food in factories, the packed food generally will have much less nutritional values as compared to fresh one and to preserve them some additional preservatives are added in them which can cause harmful effects on your health as well my dear.So it is better to go for fresh food and those who are over 40’s must avoid the packed and processed food.

Carbohydrates –


Doctors and nutritionist always advice everyone of in taking healthy carbohydrates for improving the over all health and the best source for it is whole grain and it has been seen after seven major studies that men’s and women’s consuming whole grains in a good amount will have the reduced chance of hearth diseases generally up to 20-30 % and a study taken in account in 2010 has also shown that those who consume whole grains or i can say a good amount of carbohydrate in their diet will have a reduced amount of fat in the body and will keep them fit.

5 Tips for your 5 Toes

You always take care of your most important parts of your body especially for face,hairs, keeps and eye on your belly too
but the most important you don’t care about taking care for your feet also. Most of you don’t think about taking the proper
care for you toes in order to make them look good because generally they got hidden in your shoes or sneakers but what
happen when you wore sandals and your kind of ugly looking toes comes out in the view of audience. eeewww!!
And if you do take care for your toes the the most common thing you do is getting pedicure to get the perfect look and for
which you’ll always go to parlor generally every month i guess but what if i say you don’t have to go there every month
and can save some of your bucks too just by staying at your home.All you need is to stay at your home and take care of
them just by applying some of the simple steps you are just going to read about in the following post.So here are five steps
to get the cleaned,soft,shiny and the beautiful toes you want to have :-

1. Soak them out

Woman Soaking Feet in Water
Just like you’ll take care for you skin of hands, face etc to remain moisturized to look soft,clean and beautiful similarly it is
necessary to take care up for the skin on your feet as well in order to lock up its moisture and let it look healthy and
beautiful.All you need is to get a mix of soap or shampoo in a bath tub full of hot water and soak and wash your feet and
your toes too for at least 15 to 20 minutes in it and then rinse and wash them with a soft towel.

2. Scrub up them

Now just get a sugar or salt based exfoliating scrub and scrub up your feet with it and then wash it of with clean water .

3. Need to get a trim and file for them

Use a perfect clipper in order to get the perfect shape for your nails and cut them properly with care and always cut them
in a straight way in one sequent direction.In order to get the perfect length always keep in kind in cutting in small pieces in
a series of ways and it is suggested to cut them in three times.First cut a nail from its left side then from its right side and
then from the front of it and you will achieve the perfect shape for your nails.Cutting them in one go will cut them in an un-
appropriate manner and will cut them in a shorter length then required.Always remember not to use a metal filer while filing
up as it will make them weak and just file them up till you get a round shaped and soft edges.

4 Get a massage and moisturize them

Providing the required massage to your feet will relax them and decreases the rate of its swelling and the stress generated
from all your day to day work.All you need is to get a top notch moisturizer and a massager and then just moisturize

5. Polish and retain their shine

The last and the final step to apply a coat of polish on your nails and it can be of any desired color of yours choice.If you
are applying a color nail polish then the first step to you is to apply a thin base coat and then apply the nail paint in three
strokes .First apply in the middle then on the left and then on the remaining right and if you by mistake apply the nail paint
in the cuticles(the side skin of the nails), then just remove it using a piece of cotton and remover.

This summer get these aroma’s

flower essence
So finally summers are back and you have already planed of putting on your favorite dress for this summer or your pair of
shorts just the way to enjoy this summer season.But have you taught about what this summer is going to have the effect
on your skin and what are going to be its consequences. You have but just taken it lightly, right.You need to take care
much more than you have taught and most of all the increase rate in your stress due to the this modern age of
industrialization will also going to increase the effect of it on your skin too.Their are a huge lot of ways to relax in this
hectic life of your’s but experts have also suggested aromatherapy as one of the best way of relaxing and for general
well being of your skin too.If you dedicate some of your time for head massage or for aromatherapy then it will really going
to have a calming effect on you and will also help as a distressing mechanism too.There are varieties of oils available in
market from which you can choose for :-


Lavender is suggested as one of the best when it comes as a distress and on a plus point it will help you in curing up
against cold,migraine and flu.It will also help in cure of insomnia and will help you having the desired amount of sleep.A
quick massage from lavender oil will help you in relaxing up your mind muscles and the best for is if are suffering for hair
fall and dandruff then it will surely going to help you as it promotes hair growth and removes dandruff and will act as a good
conditioner for hair.
Therapeutic properties of Laveneder – It act as an antiseptic, antidepressant, deodorant,anti-inflammatory decongestant and
acts as a sedative to.

It is generally a citrus scented oil which has very essential benefits and is extracted from the beragamia tree found in
Southeast Asia.It act as a wonder when it comes to cure for acne,depression,boils,anxiety,cold and soreness.It not only
beneficial as a mind soothing agent but also helps in promoting hair growth, soothing of scalp and provides an extra shine
to hairs.
Therapeutic properties of Bergamot – It is generally used in the treatment of stress,depression,anxiety,anorexia and some
of the infection related to skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.It also stimulate the digestive system,liver and spleen
and lift the overall fitness of those who are suffering from general malaise.


Rosemary is helpful to issues related to hairs like for preventing explanatory hair fall and repairing its health.This oil is
full of nutrients that will help in regenerating hair growth and will act as the best food component for the scalp and hair and
will increase the blood circulation that helps in increasing hair growth.It also very helpful in fighting with problems like
muscle cramps, exhaustion and dull skin.
Therapeutic properties of rosemary – It is widely known and preferred for stimulating mental properties for depression and
also enhances mental stability,memory and focus.It also act as a soothing material for muscle cramps,aches,headaches
and migraine problems.It also act as an antiseptic when it comes to infection in liver and digestive system and is great for
skin as well.

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