Excellent Cricketing Apps For IOS Based Smart Phones

When it comes to downloading cricket apps on Android based phones there are plenty of options that are available but for IOS there were very less cricketing apps that were available. But now the trend has changed and there are many app developers who are developing cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. Here is the list of some excellent cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones.

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Top Cricket Apps
Top Cricket Apps

Enjoy this cricket app called as Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket

• This is undoubtedly one of the favorite and highly downloaded cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. You can easily download this app from the IOS play store. It is completely free and allows you to watch your favorite cricket players playing their best shots in a very simple and smooth manner. All the icons are clearly defined and you can click on different icons so that you can watch your favorite cricket matches and tournaments.

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IOS also offers Espn Cricinfo

cricininfo is also available with Android and now you can also download it thorough IOS platform. This app has got everything that you can expect from a excellent cricketing app. It has got live scores provision, commentary, scorecard, pictures, graphics, analysis and statistics. One of the best features of this app is called as lean back mode which allows the users to place the smart phone on the table and activate the score menu; you can enjoy your favorite cricket match while doing your work.

Cricket World Cup Fever the Deluxe version

• The best part about this app is that you can choose the tournament as well as power play mode. This app is considered as one of the best apps for live streaming purposes. This app is based on highly advanced software which allows you to see clear pictures of all the matches. Another best part about this highly advanced app is that you can also save the matches on your smart phones and watch them later when you have time. It means if you are busy with your office work or any other work and want to see your favorite cricket players playing then turn the recording mode on and watch them later when you get free.


• ICricket is another wonderful cricketing app available for IOS based users and it has got some amazing graphics and icons. You can easily tap on these icons to watch the live scores or your favorite tournaments. You can easily watch the live commentary as well as scores of the ongoing T20 world cup and the upcoming IPL 7. This is a free to download app and the download procedure is also very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step by step approach and enjoy your favorite cricket match.


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All of the above mentioned apps are one of the best cricketing apps available for IOS users and Apple is also trying to include more such apps so that the cricket lovers can enjoy their favorite cricket match in a simple and easy manner.

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Xbox Live gift Card

[Tutorial] How To Get Xbox 360 LIVE Points Gift Card For Free

Hey guys! i am writing a new post after 6-7 months, first of all a very happy new year to all of my readers.So this is my first post of the year so i thought  to share how i get my free points for my Xbox 360 such that i get so many games for free! This method i have used for more then a year and its a fabulous method!

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Xbox Live gift Card
Xbox Live gift Card


What is Xbox Live Gift Card?

Its a kind of token or a code through which you can redeem free goodies over xbox live store!.

Why its helpful to me?

When you use a gift card you dont provide your credit card details.As most of the people are so concerned about their billing privacy so this method is opted.

Where To Redeem this card?

When you redeem an Xbox gift card, the denomination of the card goes directly into your Microsoft account as local currency. So, for example, if you have a $25 card, $25 will go in your Microsoft account when you redeem the card. To learn how to check your account balance, see Check your Microsoft account balance at the end of this article.


How to Get The Card (Some labour is needed though as you know No Pain No Gain!

  • Go here and create a free account on this link
  • Then Go To Account> Edit Demographics > Personal, and fill the form out to get additional 25 points.
  • If you are from US Complete THIS task to get 50 points(No survey, so RELAX)
  • If you are from UK Complete THIS task to get 50 points(No survey is there so RELAX!)
  • If you are from  any other counter Complete THIS task to get Points.
  • After you Get required points (ie 1000 points (minimum) ), Click on Spend Points in the menu and click on Gamer Cards  and from there choose the xbox live card you want and buy it for free.

CAUTION:There is a difference between Xbox live points card and  Gold membership card.


Experience three months of pure gold! Your Xbox Live® Gold membership lets you connect and play with friends around the world. In addition to Xbox Live features like available game add-ons, full Xbox 360® game downloads, Xbox Live Arcade games and unique fashions and props for your avatar, you’ll receive Gold-exclusive discounts like the Deal of the Week. Plus, with your Gold membership you get early access to some of the best new games and content.*

  • 3 Month Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Unlimited online multi-player gaming
  • Weekly Gold-exclusive discounts
  • Early access to content, including free game demos

So i hope you liked this method! from this method i have purchased 10 games which are Grand theft auto 5, Dead Space,The walking Dead,Metal Gear Solid Collection,Zoo Tycoon and many more.

Note:-These points are not meant for windows phone 8.

Thanks for reading this post,if you have any queries do post a comment below and i would be there to help you out for your xbox live card.

Till then keep reading!


Benefits of Managing Your Credit Card Online

Have you noticed how everything has quickly turned digital nowadays? The wealth of information we can get from the Internet is one prime proof of this. With just a few clicks or taps, you can get necessary knowledge about almost any topic under the sun. Actually, you can get so many hits with just a few simple keywords typed on a search engine page that it can be confusing to choose which page to check out.

Manage your American Express credit card online and experience the immense benefits it brings
Manage your American Express credit card online and experience the immense benefits it brings

But the Internet is not just useful for getting information – it is also useful for other, more important reasons. For instance, if you have an email account (and who in this day and age doesn’t?) you can easily get in touch with colleagues, family, and friends. Nowadays, you can even gain access to your bank account, and check pertinent info such as your account statement, send and receive money, and pay your bills with ease. There’s virtually nothing you can’t do online.

There’s also one use for the Internet that is gaining more popularity, especially with card holders on the go: managing your credit card online. When you manage your credit card online, there are plenty of benefits you can get. Let’s take a closer look at some of these.

Easy access anytime and anywhere

This is perhaps the biggest benefit that you can get when you manage your credit card online. You can check your account details, see your latest transactions, check out your credit card history, activate your card, and so much more, all within a few minutes, wherever you are. Gone are the days when you had to get in touch with a credit card representative if you had some simple questions about your card. This kind of access gives you more control over your card, and allows you to keep track of all your purchases and payments. As an added benefit, it gives you peace of mind.

Complete security

There’s no doubt that online processes and platforms nowadays have evolved tremendously from how they were a mere few years ago. Today, you can be assured that all your transactions and other processes are completely safe and secure, especially with highly-advanced online fraud protection and purchasing protection from reputable security systems. You don’t have to worry about any breaches on your confidential information, and you can shop, check your balance and credit, make payments, and do all sorts of transactions with ease.

Simple and easy to understand platforms

You don’t have to be a veritable tech guru to manage your credit card online. This is where advancements in technology have paved the way for millions of customers like you. Benefit from an interface that is simple, user-friendly, and easy to understand. If you would like to make some changes to your personal details such as your address and contact numbers, you can do so within minutes. You can even benefit from email alerts and reminders about your next payment and your balance, which again gives you complete control over your credit card spending and allotment.

Customers have been turning to online credit card management for their American Express credit card in India as it gives them ease of use, utmost security, and complete control over their card with hardly any effort.

Top Method To Install WhatsApp on Your PC for Free

You don’t have an android,iPhone or Windows Phone? but you still want to Use WhatsApp to communicate with your friends?Well today i have bought here the trick to do the same! We would be using software in order to run WhatsApp on your PC.

WhatsApp is a messaging app available to Android smartphones,Blackberry Phones,iPhones and Windows Phones.When you use whatsapp only data charges are applied and no sms rates are applied.

Get WhatsApp in your PC
Get WhatsApp in your PC

Steps To Get WhatsApp on PC

  1. You have to download A Android Emulator like we have playstation 2 Emulator likewise we also have an android emulator. Go here and Download YouWave from here.
  2. When you Download Youwave, open it,the emulator would open up. Now From the emulator Go to official website of WhatsApp that is Whatsapp.com
  3. When you would go there,there would be the option to Download It for Free.Click on it
  4. An .apk file would be downloaded.
  5. After downloading that above file open it and install WhatsApp
  6. When you would first time open your WhatsApp ir would ask you a cellphone number.Give your cellphone number.
  7. WhatsApp will send you a verification code in your mobile through sms.
  8. Verify that code on your this WhatsApp app running on your Pc.
  9. Tada! Its done! Now you are ready to communicate with your friends on WhatsApp.

How much you liked this trick? I liked this trick very much as i used this only trick to use WhatsApp when i didn’t had any smartphone.

Click on share and do comment your views :D.

If you faced any problem do drop below your queries in comments and i would help you out as soon as possible :)

Advanced Webranking

How Advanced Web Ranking Helps Me to Provide Value to My Clients

The Following Content is a Guest Post By Flo

As an SEO specialist, I am always looking for ways to help me stay a step ahead of my competition. When I saw what Advanced Web Ranking had to offer in terms of features, I decided to give it a shot. To be honest, I was a little surprised to see the software’s complexity when I first run it. I presume that this aspect can put some people off – but not me! Within an hour I had put together a campaign and started to get a good overview of how the software works. Each section of the software had its own purpose and I ended up using most of them since I knew my clients would appreciate things like social media and link statics.

I found that the ranking reports were the most useful since my clients were always concerned about how their websites were looking on the SERPs. I feel that as SEOs we should concentrate less and less on rankings and more on the end game – conversions.

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The ranking module comes with a built-in scheduler that lets you update website rankings whenever you want. This is quite handy as you can schedule an update on a multitude of scheduling patterns. With this, I could offer my clients even a daily update (if they wished so) and not have to worry about constantly going back and re-checking every website’s rank by hand.

The very handy schedule module

Advanced Web Ranking also has a great tool that can crawl through clients’ websites and automatically be able to tell how interconnected the site is, and other SEO issues. Of course, this cannot replace the eyes of an experienced SEO, but in the right hands it can help a lot. When I take a client on-board I usually start with website SEO check and this can really help.

SEO Tutorial :- See what you are Publishing Guide

As client websites grow larger, there are more chances for something to go wrong, such as a broken link, a redirect or forgetting to enter Meta information. Advanced Web Rankings spider lets me print out a report and send it to my clients to let them know what is wrong and how they can fix it. This is something that not many other SEOs do, helping me look better in my clients’ eyes.

Website Auditor in action….

302 redirect – anyone from BBC.co.uk reading this?


If only I could have 1% of that wasted link juice…

Picking the right keywords is essential for optimising a website. The keyword research module can help you get a clearer picture of what keywords you should be trying to rank for, and if a certain page on a website should rank well for specific keywords (it pulls data from Google AdWords).

www.cnn.com - social shares

In addition, I can run it through other websites and find which keywords they are most likely trying to rank for, helping me to paint a better picture of what keywords are profitable for my client. This is something else that not many SEO providers do since it would normally take a lot of extra time and effort to go to several competing websites and do a full keyword analysis on them. With AWR, it is fairly simple because the program does most of the work for you.

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One of the best features for educating and retaining clients is the social media module which helps you track what people are saying about your clients in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This is something that clients feel they can have a direct, daily impact on, and they love the reports I’m able to show them which demonstrate how if they increase their social media interaction, they can expect a rise in followers, likes, +1s and more word of mouth advertisement. AWR lets you build a long-term timeline as well so you can show your clients what the current trends are for them, and how they compared to the past (more screenshots over here). Sure, you can do that by hand but this takes so much time and on top of that, who likes repetitive tasks?

There are several other features of AWR such as the link tracker, which can help you see what kinds of links you currently have, and what your competition has. This ties in with the competition module that lets you see how the websites you manage for clients stack up against others trying to rank for the same keyword, and how you can use their own methods to surpass them.
Overall, this is a great tool for anyone involved with SEO or who has an online business.

Check Out our Infographics on Guest Posting and become a Super Guest Author!

What about you, what’s your favourite tool?

Virus Free your iOS Apps

Top 3 Methods Keep Away Your iOS Apps From Virus

Hey Guys! Are you one of the Apple Devices users? Then might be this article would benefit you in being at the safe side.Today i am giving you a detailed guide on how to secure your Apps from Viruses

Secure your iOS Apps
Secure your iOS Apps

For the past five years, Apple has been able to keep its App store safe from different kinds of malware. However, this does not make your iOS device full proof and protected from different kinds of malware such as worms, viruses and Trojan horses. It is very important for every owner of an iOS device to know different strategies of protecting their devices’ Apps from viruses. Viruses may cause great damage to an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch through an application. They may cause hackers to steal your personal information, damage the device’s memory causing instability of the applications, attack your network or cause other malware to attack your device among other problems. There are different ways to protect and prevent viruses from getting into your iOS device and its Apps.

Use a credible and recognized antivirus

One of the best ways of protecting your iOS Apps is to install a recognized and credible antivirus. There are many kinds of applications on the Internet that claim to be exceptional antivirus programs. However, it is very important to use antivirus applications that come from credible and recognized manufacturers such as Norton. Norton is a good example of a credible antivirus since they are well recognized in many countries and the company has a Norton contact phone number that can be used as a support forum. The following points can be used to identify an appropriate and efficient antivirus.

  • It should be able to scan files on iOS devices.

  • Scan all downloaded files.

  • Complete scans in the background.

  • Scan websites to detect malware hosting and website threats.

  • Delete viruses and other malware that may be in your device prior to installation.

  • Prevent viruses from getting into your device after installation of the antivirus.

Avoid Jail breaking your device

Avoid Jailbreaking your Device
Avoid Jailbreaking your Device

Jail breaking is the modification of the iOS system to allow the user to download unauthorized Apps to their device. This causes the unauthorised Apps to bypass the security features that are installed in the iOS device. Jail breaking allows viruses to bypass the security layers provided in your device. It has been identified to be one of the main gateways for viruses into your device. Jail breaking leads to the following problems on your device.

It damages applications once viruses are introduced into the device.
It causes the disruption of services offered by other applications on your device such as visual voicemail, weather and stocks.
It causes the inability to update different applications on your device hence make them vulnerable to viruses.

iOS Users Guide:-Learn How To Sync Apps on iOS Device

It is therefore important to get Apps from the Apple store since it has been kept safe by the company.

Check application reviews and developers before downloading any application

Most people only look at the ratings when they are choosing an application for their iOS. It is very important to look at the reviews as well. This will help you to identify details about the applications. Reviews reveal certain irregularities that may be an indication of viruses once the application is downloaded. This will prevent you from downloading applications that are suspicious of introducing viruses to your device. It is also important to learn about the developer of the applications. If you have never heard of them before, it is important to look them up to identify any red flags.

i hope that you would follow these methods in order to be safe side in the vast world of Apple.

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Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 for iOS Worldwide [Trick]

As some of you guys might know that i own an iOS device and recently ie on 18th July Plants Vs Zombies 2 released but only for Australia and New Zealand. But what about us?  the asians and other gamers who were waiting for this game? Popcap initially said:-

Plants vs Zombies 2 would be available wordwide in summers

WAIT! what i read? next summer? i cant wait for it! that’s why you are reading this post to get  your free copy of Plants Vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

Game Info (as by other sites)

The Game has samecluster of plants. Here you’re a lot of inclined to diversify, taking new plants into battle simply to examine what impact chemical has on them. we have a tendency to ne’er a lot of cared for the Cabbage-pult, to be honest, victimisation it only if us game gave us no different. currently it’s often by our aspect, that full-screen attack destructive entire waves of zombies and on many occasions helping us catch up on what might are a fatal mistake.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers
Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers

The game is Free for all iOS users but there are in-App Purchases.

What Popcap has to say about this Game?

The sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards is coming. Join Crazy Dave on a crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful new plants, super charge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing new ways to protect your brain.

Are you a Dragon Ball Z Fan? learn from this post on how to play 3d DBZ Game on Android


Video of Plants Vs Zombies 2

Steps To Get Plants vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

  • Go To App Store on your iOS Device
  • On the Featured Section,scroll down and click on your apple id. a New box would appear.
  • You have to change your settings (Country settings).
  • Choose Australia and click next.
  • Accept all the terms  and conditions that Apple is asking.
  • In the Payment option select None.
  • Click Next and Save your Apple id settings
  • Now your apple id is of Australia Region.
  • Search Plants vs Zombies 2 on the search bar and download it for free.

And hence now you have latest plants vs Zombies 2 Game!

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Plants vs Zombies Free on iOS!


I hope that you liked this tutorial and would tell in comments that how much you liked this game! i am just loving this game! the only bad part is that you have to collect stars in order to proceed to next world.What’s your favorite part of the game and your most hated thing about this game? Do let us know!

Do share this Post with all your other zombies lovers! So that they can also enjoy this fabulous game!

Thanks for Reading ! I hope you would enjoy my other posts too!




Among my Souvenirs – A Journal

I packed the last piece of clothing and zipped up my bag. The time had finally come, my road trip to the beautiful small hill station Nainital. I picked up my bags and bade farewell to my parents and younger brother and set my bags on front porch and waited for my friends to pick me up. And soon enough I saw a huge jeep coming my way, and stop at the gate of my house, picking up my bags I ran towards the jeep and dumped my bags in the backseat. In the driver’s seat sat my best friend, Aviral and shotgun seat was empty, in the backseat were my other friends, Paarth, Archit, Rachna and Yamini :D .

Packing Up!
Packing Up!

I sat in the shotgun seat and Aviral started the jeep, and none of my friends nor had I ever thought that this would be the best trip we’d ever have. From New Delhi, Nainital is some 276 km far and it takes around 5 hours to reach. On the way we had some light breakfast and reached Nainital at 1 in the afternoon. We checked in our hotels and I took out my camera, and started clicking random photographs, there was so much beauty here and it felt as if the lens couldn’t capture enough.

Nainital Lake and Zoo
Nainital Lake and Zoo

My friends were already fast asleep so I took my camera and a shoulder bag and headed out, Nainital was picturesque and the beauty was breathtaking. It’s a small city and soon I found myself standing in front of the lake and at that exact moment the sun was setting, the sky felt as if it were on fire. Orange coloured sky with streaks of red and yellow in between was breathtakingly beautiful the sun was resplendent and I took out my camera and took a picture, the picture couldn’t capture enough of the beautiful scene.

and i was reminded of this quote by John Ruskin..

Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.

The sun had now set and temperatures had suddenly dropped, it was freezing cold now and I could feel the chill to my bones as I was just wearing a thin sweatshirt. I jogged back to my hotel and saw that my friends had got up and were ready to explore the city, after I was docked up with a thick jacket we went out. The streets were lighted up and we could see small boats in the lake, we toured around the mall road and checked each and every local market. After dinner was done we headed back to our hotel quickly changed and saw all the photographs we’d clicked so far, they were awesome!

The Almighty Sun!
The Almighty Sun!

The next day we left for Bhimtal and Nakuchiyatal, the beauty there was mesmerizing, violet and pink flowers made the lakes boundary. We all stood there and then Archit had a crazy idea that we all should take a swim in the freezing lake, and we being the insane people we were quickly changed and jumped into the lake.

I could feel my toes and fingertips going numb until I could not feel them, the chilly water made me shiver. Some people were shouting at us, telling us to get out as it was freezing and we might get hypothermia, but we did not. The ice-cold water was refreshing and made me feel all the more alive. Rachna and Yamini were splashing around and Paarth being the champion swimmer was showing off all his moves. He went underwater and then pulled Yamini down with him and she shrieked loudly and smacked his shoulder and he chuckled.

I stood at the edge of the lake and laughed at my friends, we were one crazy lot. We all had decided to take this one week vacation because our final exams had just got over and we all had passed with flying colours, and now after a month or so we’ll be off to various colleges in various parts of the country. So this was like the last time we would meet and then we would meet after a year or so. Suddenly I was underwater and was gasping for air, and then someone pulled me out, it was Aviral and he was laughing hard and was clutching his stomach. I smacked his shoulder and we played for some more minutes and got out shivering.

We had spent a week here and I still hadn’t figured out what to buy for my friends, it was very early in the morning but nonetheless I grabbed a coat and headed out. It was still dark outside but I could see the streaks of sunlight piercing the midnight blue sky. As I was strolling around the mall road I saw a mother with her son, the boy was very young hardly 3 and was clutching his mother’s leg tightly and was giggling loudly. He splashed some water from the lake at her mother and giggled again his mother smiled at him lovingly and splashed some water at him too and he squealed in delight. I took

out my camera and took a picture of that scene, the clicking sound made them turn around and the boy squealed again in delight.

The young mother looked at me and smiled and I went and showed her the picture, she thanked me for it and requested me to get that picture developed, and I readily agreed. Then she led me to her small candle shop and gave me one candle, it was a white candle and on its front half a very delicately painted angel was holding a newborn child. When I asked for the price she refused and said that when I’ll give her the picture she’ll consider that to be my payment for the candle. I left the shop with a smile on my face though it was just a candle it was the best souvenir I had ever collected.

I reached my hotel and saw that my friends’ bags were packed and they were ready, I did some last minute packing and then we left for Delhi. On the way we sang songs, recalled some funny memories and looked at all the pictures we had clicked so far there were easily over 300 pictures. First was Yamini and Paarth’s house we hugged them tightly and bid farewell, next was Rachna and then was mine. Aviral stopped the jeep right infront of my gate and turned off the ignition, and turned to face me.

Its True some what…  Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery.

“So mate, I’ll see you after a year then, it will be a long time will miss you man.” He said and patted my shoulder and gave me a half hug.

“Will miss you too man, have loads of fun in London and don’t forget your friends.” I said and he smiled and I stepped down from the jeep and waved at him and entered my house. My mother had already left for her office and my brother for his school, I put my bags down on the floor and took out my camera. I started flipping through the photographs and I stopped at the photo of the young mother and her son, I looked at the photo and smiled and took out the candle she had given me. I put it up on my bedside table, among my souvenirs, this is the best.

This is a opportunity given by Ambi Pur.

Not Want to let others know when you were last seen on WhatsApp while you are on holidays? Check out this Detailed Guide!

3 Top Methods to Hide ‘Last Seen’ Feature in WhatsApp

Hey Guys! I am back with another WhatsApp Trick! As i have become a active user of WhatsApp,i was keen to discover some of its drawbacks and to handle them. So one such is “last Seen Feature“. I was really annoyed that whatsApp can tell when we were online and when we were not!

Remove Last Seen Feature
Remove Last Seen Feature

Earlier too i have written a lot about WhatsApp and now i am writing this awesome post because i got a hell lot of good response from other posts of this topic!

Other Killer Tricks of WhatsApp

Get Your WhatsApp a New Theme!

2 Awesome Ways to Get WhatsApp Subscription for Free

Now coming To the Ways through which you can Do so!

If you are an iPhone User:-

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go To WhatsApp Settings
  • Go To Chat Settings
  • Touch  on Advance Option
  • Then there you would see an option of Last Seen Stamp :- turn if Off
  • Note:- It would take around 24 Hours to see the effects

If You are an Android User:-

  • If you are Android user you need to download an external App (no need of rooting your device)
  • Go to Google and Download  an App Called “Not Last Seen
  • After you Install This App ,Open it and enable the option :- “BLOCK LAST SEEN”

How To Do It Manually?

  • Disable the Option Data Network and your Wifi Before Launching up your WhatsApp
  • Once its disconnected open your App and read or send messages
  • Now close your WhatsApp and enable the Option of “Internet Access” ,doing this server would not mention your last login time :)

I hope with these 3 methods you can secure your privacy and can have fun with your inmates ;) if you have any problems just do comment below and i would help you out! and just check out our other WhatsApp articles too! i ahve already written some mind blowing ones!

Why You Should Practice In Real Exam Conditions When Preparing For IBM Certification Exams

Everyone should practice for their IBM Certification Exams in real exam conditions. This aspect of your preparation is essential if you want to secure the highest score possible, and you know you want that. Here is why this part of your exam preparation is so important.


It’s All About The Timing

IBM Certification Exams are timed, so you have to be able to finish every question if you want a chance at a high score. Being aware of the time restrictions is one thing, but trying to get through the test with the clock ticking away is quite another. Taking practice tests while adhering to the time restrictions of the real exam will allow you to get your timing down and adjust to the pressure of knowing that time is running out.


You Want To Focus On The Questions

You do want to focus on the questions, but you can’t completely do that if you’re wrestling with the test format and other testing conditions. You’d be surprised just how much learning a new test format on the fly can adversely affect your concentration, so don’t let it. Know and experience the test format, the interface, and all the conditions before you take the IBM test.


Let Your Knowledge Shine Through

All this preparation will let you show off what you know, so go to TestsHead to make sure that you know it all. Familiarity with the IBM test and testing conditions will allow you to use everything you learn from TestsHead to get that high score you crave.

You can read more:

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